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The mezzanine, Rack Repair kits and the Mezzanine are great options for vertically dividing warehouse space. Imagine a warehouse that has high ceilings. How could this space be utilized? You can put too many shelves together. This is often the best solution. But there may be a better solution in the mezzanine. What is a Mezzanine? The mezzanine looks like a half-story structure. It is an intermediate story which does not completely cover the building’s area. A mezzanine is a second floor that can be added to a warehouse. Lofts are an evolution of metal warehouse shelving. These lofts are made of heavy-duty steel to comply with indoor building code requirements. These extra spaces can be used for many reasons, including additional storage areas, office space that frees up floor space for storage or light industry. A mezzanine saves companies money over traditional building extensions.

Uses for It

Mezzanines and Platforms are intermediate floors that lie between the main level and the higher levels of a facility. This is not a floor but a low ceiling which protrudes from an area of a building. Many lofts found in older theaters and churches have balconies.

There are many mezzanines floor forms that can be made from either structural steel or stainless steel. Pallet Rack Repair Kits can be used to determine the location and cost of flooring construction. Steel structure floors can be used for column spacing. To mount water pipes and electrical conduit, they are constructed with open-web bar joists. This will give you a lot of space to work with and make the project easier and more time efficient.

Structural steel is a good option if you are looking for something less expensive. The downside to this material is its weight. Mezzanine platforms warehouse make the floor more substantial and have a higher dead weight than other types. This floor is only suitable for certain types of buildings. Cold rolled steel, which is made of sheet metal, is lighter than steel. This gives it a pleasing visual aspect and allows it to be used in more public buildings. These are light but can be very heavy.


Stainless steel, which is the most costly type of mezzanine, has very limited column spacing. Factories are mostly used for food processing. Individuals need more space. Distribution X provides all services related to Mezzanine Flooring. This company specializes in these services so that customers can find the best solution to their needs.

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