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Based on Atlanta WordPress Web Designers one-third of users on the internet utilizes WordPress. Since it’s growing each day, it is quite a large amount. WordPress Web services are well-known for their user-friendliness and have been in use for quite a while. It was initially designed to be used to create blogs, it can be used now to create numerous websites, ranging from basic blogs to portals and enterprise websites to web-based applications. This flexibility makes it suitable as a CMS (CMS) for creating websites from scratch, and for maintaining websites by adding, removing or changing the content of websites.

WordPress web design Atlanta is strong due to the perfect blend of accessibility for users as well as a myriad of intrinsic features and complex for web designers. It is free-of-cost, which means you are able to use the code with no cost for licensing and you are able to alter or enhance the code however you like for non-commercial or commercial projects.

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Here are ten reasons why you should utilize WordPress. This will cause your website to select to use the Atlanta WordPress developer.


WordPress is easy to make use of. After you have your website professionally designed by a WordPress developer Atlanta You can quickly add, delete and modify the information. It is not necessary to employ special IT personnel to accomplish this.


It allows you to create various websites such as corporate websites, blogs professional portfolios magazines, government websites or news websites online communities, forums, and even a professional network of websites.

Improved social media

Easy integration with social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and social media platforms such as Pinterest, Tumblr, and Reddit. Sharing will become easier and it will be more easy for websites to expand all over the Internet.

Community and support

The CMS is among the used open-source CMS and has an expanding and growing group of developers and users. It is possible to post your question on the forum and receive fast responses.

Theme System

The API has a range of extensions for premium and free themes that fit your users’ layout and design requirements.

Create a custom application

It is possible to build applications using numerous in-house features like translators as well as user management. HTTP requests databases URL routing, and more.

Publications and Transitory Comments

The process of publishing your post is straightforward. You can distribute your blog post quickly or plan it for to publish it later. You can change the date of publication and then remove it if you want to. With an integrated comments system, visitors are able to make comments and answer questions and define access levels and rules for commenting.

Easy to set up and upgrading

With its well-known one-click five-minute installation, you can install it on your device by one click.

In addition there are many other appealing characteristics, including:

  • custom content type
  • multilingual
  • The most recent library
  • Migration and import is easy from different CMS and previous versions
  • simple contribution to the development of this code

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