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The first version of the GoPay application is here, unfortunately the logo isn’t very attractive

As an online worker, having an electronic money application or e-wallet seems important too. And I guess it should be. How about Paypal? That is for sure. I have several e-wallet applications, more than one. Yes, just in case


partners who want to send money. Right every partner, there are those who want this application, or there are those who want that application. Once I got a prize

from a google map review, and I wanted a certain application partner. Yes, I had to download it. Maybe partners want to promote their e-wallet as well. Wow, that

means you have a lot of e-wallet balances. Do you have a lot of savings? Be a successful person, please become a rich person. Oh, the question is too far. It doesn’t mean that having a lot of

e-wallets continues to have a lot of money. Don’t you know, is it still the era or the era when it’s hard to make money? If you get

money, yes at most it can be calculated with a calculator. Enough for today’s meal. Boro-boro can save. Ah, how come I’m so spooky, hehehe.

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