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Fernandes To Ronaldo: Give a Welcome At Camp Portugal What is it – Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview with Piers Morgan at Manchester United has long tails.

In a video uploaded to social media, Fernandez appears to warmly welcome Ronaldo to his camp training for the Portuguese national team. The video seems to confirm other his MU his players’ complaints about Ronaldo’s attitude.

1. There is no warm aura in Fernandes’ greetingn

In the circulating video, Fernandez, who was present at the Portuguese camp, did not give Ronaldo a warm welcome. Fernandez greeted Ronaldo near the entrance to the locker room only when necessary.

Fernandez greeted Ronaldo while touching his arm. However, he did not spend much time with Ronaldo, preferring to chat with other Portuguese players.

2. Ronaldo’s interview is annoying

As reported by the Daily Star, several MU players were upset after hearing Ronaldo’s interview with Morgan. He also said in interviews that he felt cheated and unwanted at MU.

Yes, I feel betrayed. Not just this season, but last season, I feel like there are people who don’t want me to be here,” Ronaldo said.

3. Ronaldo is threatened with a fine

Ronaldo threatened with sanctions from MU after controversial interview with Piers Morgan. Reportedly, MU management plans to issue a hefty fine to punish Ronaldo, despite making an official statement.

Metro reported that Ronaldo has been threatened with fines worth at least £1 million, or Rs 18 billion, over his comments. This sanction was considered because Ronaldo allegedly fueled his MU’s dressing room.





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